Electric Arc, Flame & Fuse Spray

Mackay’s have the following flame spray equipment:

  • 1 off Rokide spray gun
  • 7 off Arc Spray units
  • 1 off Independent ID arc spray unit (1000mm deep)
  • 5 off Wire flame spray units
  • 5 off Powder flame spray units
  • 2 off Fuse spray bays

Flame spray is used most commonly for the Repair and reconditioning of worn or damaged components.

Fuse spray is a process by which you apply a nickel or cobalt alloy to a prepared surface and then heat to approximately 900 degrees C. This fuses the overlay material to the substrate forming a homogenous bond which cannot delaminate.

Most commonly used on:

  • Pump Sleeve’s
  • Wear Faces
  • Guide Rollers.