Complete Manufacturing



Mackay’s have an extensive machining and grinding facility, which can handle up to ten ton and 1.45m by 8m between centres.

Our machining and grinding capabilities include:

  • 7 universal grinders
  • 2 internal grinders (780mm by 2000mm)
  • 13 lathes
  • 2 milling machines

We often manufacture and coat parts for OEM companies, these include:

  • Rollers
  • Guide Rollers
  • White Metal Bearings
  • Pump Sleeves
  • Plungers etc.

All our machining is done to ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

Super Finishing


Certain applications require a super finish of the coating, we are able to perform this on many different alloys, these include:

Plasma sprayed chrome oxide

  • HVOF coatings
  • Hard chrome platingMackay’s are able to achieve a mirror finish which is equivalent to 0.01 Ra

Please feel free to contact us:

Tel. No:    016 422 3797 o 5705 or 4639


Address:    7 Faraday Street, Duncanville, Vereeniging

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