Thermal Spray

Thermal spray is ideal for reclamation work or to provide a wear, erosion or corrosion resistant coating.



Mackay’s have the following HVOF equipment, housed in 4 fully robotic spray cells:

  • 1 off Praxair JP 8000 spray system
  • 2 off Praxair JP 5000 spray systems
  • 1 off Praxair ST 4000 spray system
  • 1 off Sulzer Metco DJ 2700 hybrid
  • 1 off DJ 2700 internal attachment


The JP 5000 has been developed and refined to produce the absolute best possible coating quality.
High particle velocity was the primary design objective of the JP 5000, the basic rules for coating quality are:

  • High combustion pressure
  • High gas velocity
  • High particle velocity

A key benefit of the high particle velocities generated by the JP 5000 is the extremely high density and low oxide content of the coating, this is beneficial in corrosion and wear applications.


  • High density (low porosity)
  • Higher hardness
  • Better wear resistance
  • Higher bond strength
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Smoother as sprayed coatings

Plasma Spray

Mackay’s have one fully robotic plasma pray cell utilizing the Praxair SG 100 spray system, this torch has an extension which makes it possible to spray in a bore up to 600mm deep.

It is possible to spray the widest range of materials by means of plasma, these include:

  • Ceramics
  • Cermet’s
  • Carbides
  • Metal alloys
  • Pure metals
  • Plastics

But is most commonly used for ceramics, due to its high temperature source.

Typical plasma spray applications include:

  • Wire Drawing Tyres
  • Mechanical Seal Faces
  • Seal Landings
  • Pump Sleeves
  • Printing Cylinders
  • Temperature Probes
  • Pistons (increasing life and efficiency)

Rokide®, Electric Arc, Flame & Fuse Spray

Mackay’s have the following flame spray equipment:

  • 1 off Rokide spray gun
  • 7 off Arc Spray units
  • 1 off Independent ID arc spray unit (1000mm deep)
  • 5 off Wire flame spray units
  • 5 off Powder flame spray units
  • 2 off Fuse spray bays

Flame spray is used most commonly for the Repair and reconditioning of worn or damaged components.

Fuse spray is a process by which you apply a nickel or cobalt alloy to a prepared surface and then heat to approximately 900 degrees C. This fuses the overlay material to the substrate forming a homogenous bond which cannot delaminate.

Most commonly used on:

  • Pump Sleeve’s
  • Wear Faces
  • Guide Rollers

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