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Welding / Cladding

PTA and Internal Welding

Internal P.T.A. Welding
Internal P.T.A. Welding
P.T.A. Welding
P.T.A. Welding
P.T.A. Welding 3.5m Wear Rings
P.T.A. Welding 3.5m Wear Rings
P.T.A. Welding Rolls
P.T.A. Welding Rolls


Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) hardfacing is a versatile method of depositing high-quality metallurgical fused deposits on relatively low cost substrates.
The high energy plasma arc melts the surface of the base material, at the same time the powder filler material is inserted into the arc and also molten.
During solidification, a substance to substance bond between the filler material and the base material is created.


  • Very low dilution with the base material
  • Deposits which are tougher and more corrosion resistant, with the reduced opportunity of cracking or inclusions
  • Powders can be mixed to produce ideal qualities for a wide range of applications
  • PTA will result in a lower heat effected zone
  • Computer automated, therefore ensuring a high degree of reproducibility
  • PTA can provide a range of thickness overlays for 0.8mm to 5mm


  • High impact resistant applications
  • High corrosion or wear applications

Micro, Sub Arc & TIG Welding

Micro Weld Pump Shaft
Micro Weld Pump Shaft
Micro-Weld Crush Head
Micro-Weld Crush Head

They are used for general reclamation work or for overlay / hardfacing.

Portable Internal Welding


Mackay’s have the facility to weld repair ID’s and OD’s on site or at our workshop, making it possible to weld parts of any size and weight.

Induction Pre-Heat & PWHT

During the welding of certain alloys it is imperative to create the correct environment for welding procedures.

At Mackay’s we are able to:

  • Pre-heat materials to correct temperature
  • PWHT parts to welding procedure

This heating and cooling is precisely controlled, after which a printout from the machine is available.
The most significant aspect of this process is the ability to PWHT only the desired area of the part.

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