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Mackay’s Metal Spraying and Hard Chrome cc

Mackay’s is an established surface engineering company with the expertise to provide dynamic and innovative coating solutions to your wear and corrosion/erosion problems, by increasing service life and improving performance of vital components.

Mackay’s is one of the most complete surface coating companies with it’s large machine shop and extensive grinding facilities, making it an industry leader in thermal spraying and coating technology in South Africa.

Our main objective is to be the leader in surface engineering by maintaining:

  • Highest guaranteed standards in modern development
  • High quality products
  • Fair and cost-effective pricing
  • Service and on-time deliveries
  • Maintaining our quality assurance plan

Coating Materials Available

Pure Metal Alloy powders and wires
Tungsten & Chrome Carbide, Aluminium based, Cobalt based, Copper based, White Metal, Nickel based and Iron based, Stellite®, Zinc, Copper, Bronze

Inconels® and Monel’s®

Ceramics and Cermets
Aluminium Oxide, Chromium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide based powders

Industries Served

Aero Space



Pump parts (impellers, housings, diffusers,  

sleeves, neckrings, chamber bushes) 

and plungers



Piston rods coated for better wear and 

corrosion resistance


Oil & Gas

Off shore


Petro Chemical

Pumps, gate, plug, butterfly and ball valves



Mixing blades and extrusion dies


Power Generation

Turbine blades and sleeves, compressor rods

and pelton




Impression and plate cylinders, copper rolls

and anilox rolls


Pulp and Paper

Tractions rolls, pumps and high wear parts


Steel Mill

Roll neck journals, furnace rolls, pot and

stabiliser rolls



Woodchipper spares


Wire Drawing

Wire drawing blocks, rollers and pulleys


General Wear and Tear

Induced and forced draft fans, thermocouples,

mechanical seal faces, crankshafts, 

wear plates, crusher parts,

earthmoving equipment,

general bearing journal repairs

Mackay's Cladding (Pty) Ltd

A division of the Mackay's Group of Companies

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7 Faraday Street, Duncanville, Vereeniging

PO Box 263219, Three Rivers, 1935

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